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browning the ground soy and onions

browning the ground soy and onions

so many potatoes

all the added veg

vegetarian stamppot


Ever heard of any Dutch dishes? No. No, you haven’t. It’s because their food is not high on any gastronomy list you would wish to read. They have many traditional dishes, but most of the food is boiled, fried or mashed. And I’ve never tasted any of it.

I have; however, discovered something that I wanted to play around with though

Stamppot is a VERY traditional Dutch dish consisting mainly of potatoes (on the mashed side) and heavily laden with kale and topped off with a big ole coil of rookwurst sausage. Unappealing, right?

I changed it a little bit. Well, a lot. The only thing I kept was the mashed potatoes.

Tonight was my first go at making stamppot. It turned out quite delicious. But how could it not be?! It’s a bunch of mashed potatoes and stirred-in other bits that are also yummy. Mine had pretend ground beef (a.k.a. soy), onions, garlic, bit of butter, bit of cream cheese, leeks, red onions, red and yellow peppers, cheddar, chopped fresh parsley and S + P.