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Where have I been?!

Bunches of tulips for very little cost…the flower industry tragically nose-dived because of COVID-19. I’ve been buying heaps of flowers (more than I normally do) to at least help a little bit. I hope it helps. I always love fresh flowers in the house—it really classes up the joint and makes me happy to see the beauty and colours. A whole room changes when flowers are added.

So much has happened since I last wrote. I have been knitting and crocheting and felting and sewing and keeping busy and making things and then postage rates soared which damaged my shop and I got a proper job and I’m trying to find a home for me and my 20 Paws…

Ahoy there! I have a new addiction: sewing and sewing the Sailor Top

I have a problem.

I cannot stop making the Sailor Top by Fancy Tiger.

Since I’m VERY new to pattern drafting, I decided to just go with their measurements and not make any adjustments. I’m glad I did! My first one (random yellow cotton from a fabric market ) fit perfectly!

Then, I made another one with Nani Iro double-gauze in Bed Grass Cozy B from MondaysMilk. So, so happy that it worked out too as I was saving the Nani for the right project.

And the third was some random fabric from a market (love the markets here!) in bright red with little flowers peppered throughout. Something happened either in the cutting, seaming or gathering that made the front too bulky at the top…it looked odd. So, I made a fold, sewed it in place along the left side and added some complementary buttons. Problem solved.

The next one ~might~ have a pocket.

Time for some chamomile

I love fresh flowers as tea. And chamomile is just about the best flower to use.

You can dry the flowers and store them in airtight jars or pop some in a glass —a nice, see-through glass shows off the tiny, white flowers and petit yellow buds floating in the water. Add hot water …just before the boil is best.

You can strain the tea, use a tea basket or leave the flowers in the water and use a bombilla infusion straw to sip up the deliciousness.

Camomille in my basket.

Camomille in my basket.

Camomille bunches coming in to the house.

Camomille bunches coming in to the house.

Camomille all washed up —soon this will be some nice relaxy tea.

Camomille all washed up —soon this will be some nice relaxy tea.