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Fall scarf and cowl sale in Etsy shop

Keep yourself warm with a new scarf or cowl with a 15% discount sale until 2 November in my Etsy shop. Customized color changes too!

bomb-proof dark blue2 (original) IMG_0468 Chunnel Cowl extra long pinks 7 not quite a blanket MEDIUM bright blue7 The Pretty Little Thing slightly pink2 IMG_0798 IMG_0675 copy copy

My first afghan

My first afghan

My first afghan

afghan smI have finally plucked up the courage to begin a bigger project…it contains a lot of circles. I’m pretty excited about it. Crocheting has become a steady staple in my daily practice and project work.

This beautiful pattern is from Comfort Knitting & Crochet: Afghans.

Grannies for S + N

I made this granny square pillow for my most excellent friends’ wedding gift!