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A very, big move brought me to where I am today…figuratively + literally!

I am a Canadian transplanted in the Netherlands. I love it here, it’s very, beautiful (heel mooi) in the countryside…(no, not everyone that lives in the Netherlands lives in Amsterdam…I’m in a very rural area about two hours south-east of AMS).

As with anyone making a giant move, I left friends, family, work, possessions and my comfort zone. I left my bubble.

I thought I’d go stir-crazy without constant stimulation from city noises, activities, thrills and discoveries. There are elements I miss about city-living, but in silent acquiescence my ego and my ~self~ have mushroomed here amongst the oaks, sheep, open fields, harvests and big, blue skies. It’s not always as easy-breezy as people think it is to find (and re-discover) yourself in a new country + develop your new bubble.

I am a very, restless soul with not much ambition towards laziness, SO…I allowed myself to re-discover my creativity to fill the gaps.

I found it!! I examined, explored, reflected, admired, poked, peeked and contemplated. For so many years, I had been starving the creative streak within me, so I took the very few knitting skills I had acquired from a friend and started practicing. I practiced A LOT. I embraced the ‘artist’ in me and molded and tweaked my way into a few great patterns that I offer on Etsy.

Since I began my quest to learn how to knit, I have made a lot of scarves —I’ve also un-made a lot of scarves. Along the way I developed better skills and tried out different stitches. I delved into the magical world of felting and swayed into the wondrous circle of crocheting. Now, I’m giving embroidery a poke!

If I had been told years ago that I would be moving across the ocean (and lots of land too), learn another language and create my own little business…I would have been flabbergasted. Thankfully, I have been provided with an amazing outlet to create and a boyfriend who supports my efforts.

Now, every day I challenge myself in one way or another to make the day as bright as possible.
knit – felt – write – photograph – create – crochet – glue things together – embroider – sew – cut

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