Fair Isle knitting…my first pattern

I had to teach myself Continental knitting. 

I wanted to try Fair Isle (FI) knitting and for FI you work with a minimum of two colours. 

I had tried FI just having the two colours in my right hand –like normal– and it worked well, but I saw a video of a women knitting with two colours using English knitting with her right hand and Continental with her left. So, naturally, I wanted to try too. 

Tension is controlled much better when using both types of knitting! This is great.  And it’s faster! I’m alllll about efficiency, so I’m quite pleased with myself over this tiny triumph.

Being able to use Continental knitting is going to be very beneficial for more than just Fair Isle knitting. Check out this interesting post on Craftsy about both styles.

I still can’t get over being able to make clothing with two sticks and some wool. I highly recommend learning to knit. 

UPDATE: Here’s the pattern so far.


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