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Yarn substitution

No matter which pattern you’ve got your heart set on, you’re going to eventually run into the problem of not being able to find the yarn mentioned in the list of materials or maybe you just want to try a new yarn or you want to find other colours. Either way there are oodles and oodles of yarn companies, private dealers, wool-makers and spinners and …there is a lot of yarn out there. You could spend hours online trying to research which yarn is suitable for a substitution…

Or you could get some help from YarnSub!

I use Drops Eskimo for my Wooly, Felted Bowls tutorial and for all of my bowls in my shop. But it might not be available for you or you might want different shades. No problem. Check this out! It gave me 21 alternatives!

YarnSub for Drops Eskimo

YarnSub for Drops Eskimo



Fair Isle knitting…my first pattern

I had to teach myself Continental knitting. 

I wanted to try Fair Isle (FI) knitting and for FI you work with a minimum of two colours. 

I had tried FI just having the two colours in my right hand –like normal– and it worked well, but I saw a video of a women knitting with two colours using English knitting with her right hand and Continental with her left. So, naturally, I wanted to try too. 

Tension is controlled much better when using both types of knitting! This is great.  And it’s faster! I’m alllll about efficiency, so I’m quite pleased with myself over this tiny triumph.

Being able to use Continental knitting is going to be very beneficial for more than just Fair Isle knitting. Check out this interesting post on Craftsy about both styles.

I still can’t get over being able to make clothing with two sticks and some wool. I highly recommend learning to knit. 

UPDATE: Here’s the pattern so far.


At least this one is more like a vest than a sweater AND I’ll be knitting with cotton yarn instead of the recommended wool yarn, so it should be great for summer/autumn.

This is the third time I’ll be using this mustard-colored yarn. Hahaha
The other two projects I previously started were just not working out for me. Third time’s a charm, right?!
This time I’m more confident with knitting fitted clothing…maybe it’s better to think the other two sweaters with this yarn were just trial runs.

I’ll be making this versatile little number, called Sandy.
I think my plan is to work through all of the patterns by Quince & Co. Very realistic, I know.

10 places I would be inspired to knit…(or not knit)

Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

I’ve always wanted to visit a tea plantation and why not here…in Sri Lanka?!

Nuwara Eliya

 Île de Ré, France

Lighthouses and the views that surround them.

Île de Ré


Ever since I thought I had won a trip to Micronesia, I’ve wanted to visit this incredibly gorgeous archipelago.



Pretty much anywhere in Indonesia would be fine by me.



Same as Cambodia…I would love to visit any part of it.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Northwest Territories, Canada

In discovering more of my homeland, I’ve still got to visit the north…

Yellowknife Area, Canada

Maritimes, Canada

…and the east.

Peggy’s Cove


I never really thought of Denmark as a place I’d like to visit until I moved to Europe.

I’m starting to notice a distinct WATER theme to these places that I want to visit.

Copenhagen, Denmark

New Zealand

I’d go back there anytime! What a gloriously diverse country NZ is from its rain forests and beautiful towns and its beaches and mountains.

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand


My biggest desire is to spend a LOT of time in this mesmerizing country: Its colors, vegetarianism, people, spirit, landscapes, food…


Making 10 wooly, felted bowls

A custom order for 10 felted bowls has me knitting furiously!

I love making these bowls and could knit them for hours.

Would you like to make your own? Here is my pattern for the bowls. They are very easy to make and you can get very creative with them by adding more than one color, making stripes or changing the texture with different wools.

Don’t want to make them? You can also buy them in my Etsy shop! I take custom orders too.

Wooly, felted bowls